Sunday, July 25, 2010

MTB route: Zugenschlucht (Davos)

This tour is without a doubt one of my favorite tours, newly signed for summer 2010, the tour offers some stunning views, great single track, some fast descending and a lung busting amount of climbing!

Tour no 338, ca 44km, ca 2125hm

Part 1

Single track through meadow
I like the start of this route, heading out of Davos Platz train station, to the little hamlet of Islen, where the temptation to stop for a nice plate of Alpermacaroni or Capuns nearly always builds to irresistible levels.

Once passed Islen the road begins an easy climb up to some farm land, before shepherding you onto some easy single track that leads you into the Sertig valley, a quick cross over of the road and river then lead you up a small climb to a rather nice BBQ area at Junkerboden. The path leads down past a small farm, then left up and into the forest, before turning right onto the first section of easy, rideable single trail.

Looking back towards Monstein
The trail spits you out near the bottom of the Rinerhorn onto a farm road, head past Spina's restaurant, slowly climbing to the stunning and picturesque village of Monstein. The beautiful new church greats you before you head into the village and past the Brewery (probably best not to stop off for a quick pint).

Just at the end of the village, you take the farm road that will bring you to the next piece of singletrack, that runs from Jennisberg down and into the Zugenschlucht. The trail is 100% rideable but, you are going to need a pretty good head for heights, the trail is narrow and is a long way up, or it's a long way down depending on how you would like to look at it. Once past this narrow section, you are rewarded with a superfast, easy descent, some interesting corners and stone chutes will keep you on your toes, until you reach the Zugensclucht (coach gorge).

Crossing the gorge, you turn left onto an easy path which is nice to ride slowly, taking in the scenery. When you meet the barrier across the path (it may be up) stop, climb down the steps, then up the other side and head to Wiesen.

At this point, if you've had enough, you can catch the train back. Whilst waiting for the train, be sure to grab a drink in the little cafe, with it's rather bizarre collection of Junk sculpture.

Part 2

Looking into the gorge
Right, how are those legs feeling? You now have a lot of climbing to do. To start with, follow the signs to the village of Wiessen, located about 400m above the train station. This is pretty steep. Head through the village until you see a right hand turn, with the route marker. Now begins the 2nd climb, still on good fire road.

At the crest of the climb, you will see directly ahead, the start of the final single track section, a nice piece of trail with excellent flow and just enough technique needed to allow you to enjoy the section after a hard climb, from the trail views look back across the the village of Monstein and the trails of part 1. 

The trail brings you back to the main road into Davos, although the route, will use farm roads, to go around the village of Frauenkirch, before bringing you back to Davos platz.


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